Saturday, December 31, 2011

From Melbourne to Adelaide

We're in Adelaide now. The hubby and I undertook the long drive from Melbourne to Adelaide on the 29th of December and arrived the next day. It was about 11.30 am when we started out from Melbourne and we arrived safe and sound nearly 20 hours later at our first son's home in Adelaide (which was the next day). The journey through the Great Ocean Road is supposed to take about 10 hours, maybe plus a couple of hours since we wanted to take our own sweet time and since we weren't used to the terrain and so on.. Of course we have the Garmin GPS gadget so we wouldn't lose our way and ended up somewhere else. However, the hubby was keen on detouring, trusting in his maps; Google or otherwise, making the poor Garmin gadget lady kept 'recalculating' countless times..! Here are some pics, illustrating our journey from Melbourne to Adelaide:

Leaving Melbourne on the freeway (yes, you got that right, FREE, as in no tolls yey!)
No, that's not Durian Road..
Ok.. we'll try not to sleep in our car, thank you
Wow,  a traffic jam (at first we thought there might be an accident but it was only because too many people wanting to spend their holidays at the seaside towns that the road get jammed)
OK Malaysian drivers, notice how the emergency lane is not filled with cars overtaking you from the left..?
And notice also that the biker in front of us has not left his position to overtake either from the left or right..
The hubby studying his map..
Admiring the blue blue ocean; SubhanAllah!

Interesting structure taking advantage of the ocean view to the maximum
Another seaside home, all glass..view must be incredible!
Let's hope this one is not as unstable as it looks..
Entering the Great Ocean Road
Lovely beaches
Reasonable traffic
Packed camping sites..
Leaving seaside route..
Admiring the rolling hills and fields
Farms along the way
Picture taken at the Gibson Steps
At the Twelve Apostles (nothing to do with prophets, just effects of erosion)
Explanation of phenomenon..
Three of the 'apostles' in the background
Farmland again
Time to fill 'er up; only over here you fill first and pay later..
Warrnambool says it all
Future owner of vast farmland and thousands of cows (insyAllah!)
Dusk.. SubhanAllah
Performing the Magrib and Isyak at about 3 am at a petrol station (really desperate situation as petrol stations which are open at night - for the restrooms, aren't many in these areas)
At 3 something am Adelaide is still quite a distance but after prayers we were more relaxed
Yey Alhamdulillah arrived at the son's home around 4 am!
Breakfast outside in the backyard (grand-dad and Ammar)
Daughter-in-law cooked fried noodle
Seems to be the best time to teach the first grandson, Umayr to climb trees (way to go hubby - after whole-night driving!)

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