Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Melbourne, here I come! (again)

Now that I'm not tied to a job, it's time to travel...yeayy! This is going to be a longgg holiday - about 6 weeks. (Daughter: *groan* Australia? again? Why don't you go somewhere else?) Yes, again, and she's not coming, lol! Well, just arrived a few hours ago and since it's still early Malaysia time though quite late Melbourne time, I decided to write this and wait for subuh before getting some shut-eye. I came alone (the hubby will join me later at around Christmas) and is staying with Bang Ngah until the hubby comes and then we'll travel together to Adelaide to see Bang Long and his family.
The journey was quite uneventful (at first): daughter drove me to LCCT, arrived quite early, checked in early, bought some food and drinks, read, played Angry Bird, read again, boarded plane at about 1 pm, got on my seat (middle-aisle), prayed that the seat next to mine would be occupied by a friendly, slim, female... and then, this really HUGE gentleman claimed it and this was what he actually said: "Has the seat got smaller or I've got fatter?" (seriously?). The poor man was literally squashed in his seat (seriously again). However, once the sign to fasten seat-belt was off, I quickly dashed to the bathroom to take ablutions for prayers and noticed; Thank God there were many more unoccupied seats at the back in which I sank in one (by the window) gratefully for the rest of the journey..

Nice murals..

My dusty bag on arrival!

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