Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sydney Road

Another scorching day in Melbourne...I might as well have stayed in Malaysia! Not really, we actually try to avoid the really cold weather when travelling because it's...well, very cold weather would only make me want to stay cocooned inside a sleeping bag! Unfortunately these last few days were really hot and sweaty (well, Alhamdulillah I shouldn't be complaining  'cos you can't have your cake and eat it..*sigh*). Anyway, I haven't been going out much since Bang Ngah is almost always out at work and the only excuse for me to go out is to buy groceries. Shopping for groceries is very convenient at where we're staying. Sydney Road is just around the corner and certainly not easy to lose your way. It's only a long, long stretch of road, very busy most of the times, and noisy too, sometimes into the night where I have to endure it through my open windows (have to leave them open for some much needed cooling breeze..) It's really convenient because you can get your halal meat at any of the numerous halal shops along the road. In fact there are quite a lot of Muslim-owned and halal eating places apart from other kinds of shops that they own. If you're a Muslim, you certainly won't go hungry around this area.. Sometimes you'd almost feel you're walking along a street in some middle-east country, seriously! Some pics taken on my excursions:

See what I mean..
Trams running through the street as most streets in Melbourne
Even the customers are hijabies..
This reminds me of shops in Cairo
There's even a shop selling these - at prices I don't want to mention (when compared to how cheap you can get them back home..)
Halal meat - haven't the courage to buy those kinds yet..
The grocery shop I frequent - Muslim-owned
Vegetable heaven
Love these button  mushrooms - wouldn't ever find this kind in Kuala Terengganu.. so I would always buy them!

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