Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snails for Lunch (yikes!) and the recipe, too..

The other day we went grocery shopping and I found some siput sedut sold at the supermarket. I was delighted because we have never seen this delicacy sold in this part of the world (Kuala Terengganu that is) One of our favourite food which I haven't cooked myself for quite a long, long time; though we did buy some cooked one for lunch about 3 weeks ago when we were back in Meru.  What is siput sedut you might ask (if you are not a native of Malaysia). Siput is snail in English and sedut means suck. I suppose the name came about due to its edibility and the means to eat it is by sucking through the wide end of the snail. However, its scientific name is actually: 
 Cerithidea obtusa is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Potamididae.[1] The Obtuse Horn Shell also known as "Mud Creeper" is a relatively common snail found in muddy coastal areas. It grows to around 5-6 cm. It is used as food in Southeast Asia where it is known by the name "Siput Sedut" or "Belitung". (thank you Mr.Google)

There you go.. So how do you cook them? Usually masak lemak cili padi (cooked with hot chillies and coconut cream). Of course, we normally eat them with rice... So, here's what you need to do for a yummy snail dish:

This is what it looks like after cleaning with lots of water. What I got from the
supermarket was a muddy mess (they are mud creepers?) of about half a kilo
(enough for about three people..or two if you are really into snails..!)

To make sure the snails are really squeaky clean swirl in cut lemon grass leaves..

Next, you need to cut off the tip of shell of each snail (this is going to be quite
tedious if you are feeding an army..). You can either use the kitchen scissors
or smash with your stone pestle). If you don't do this bit, you will not be able
to suck out the flesh.

The ingredients, from top: chillies (you don't need much because if the dish
is too hot, your throat and lips will be on fire with all the sucking that you
need to do, believe me), lemon grass, turmeric and dried asam gelugor.

Two 200ml boxes of this - coconut cream

Crush and grind the chillies and turmeric until fine..

Also crush the bottom part of your lemon grass stalks

Put everything (pounded ingredients, lemon grass, coconut cream plus a cup
of water) into a pot and cook over  medium fire for about 20 to 30  minutes. Stir
once in a while so that the coconut cream wouldn't curdle AND don't forget the
salt okey!

Ta..da..enjoy your erm..snails! (tip on eating these: if you're squeamish, don't 
peek at what you are about to


  1. I cooked this dish but I have a question is it supposed to be green and smiley on the inside?? URGENT