Monday, December 5, 2011

To the Dentist!

Not one of your favourite moments..
I needed some work done on my teeth, so yesterday we took a 3-hour trip to Kota Bharu to visit the dentist. When you need to see a dentist, she needs to be your friend. Not many people love going to the dentist, so she has to be a really good friend! Anyway, as she happens to be specialist, the 3-hour trip was worth it. The picture above shows the hubby having his check-up. Nobody bothered to stand around him then, but when it was my turn a swarm of interns (MAs and freshly graduated dentists) was an appreciative! Well, you can't see from the picture but the hubby was wearing a pair of goggle. I was given a pair of dark sunglasses. Not used to be given one on other dentist's visits, my first thoughts were; " OMG, are they to prevent splashes of blood on my face?" Later on I realized it was only so my face didn't get drops of water that tended to spray you all over.. (Don't you wish you can carry a conversation with your dentist as she does her work? I think a ventriloquist would drive one crazy!) I don't get to see my friend, who is a sweet lady, often but seeing her professionally deepens my respect for her. I wanted to laugh at this incident but you know, with my mouth wide open, it's kinda difficult.. Anyway, one of the interns was having a bad day I supposed (the good doctor had to keep reminding him to do this and that) and once, he was chided for leaving a tiny bottle of something opened so that its content had evaporated. As he handed her the bottle, I could see his hand was shaking like a leaf! Poor guy... but way to go Doc! And thanks for everything!

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