Monday, December 19, 2011

Swimming with Joy

The day before, I contacted and visited a friend, Joy who is doing her PhD at La Trobe University. And yesterday, she took me to the Reservoir Leisure Centre where Sundays 6-8 pm are ladies hours; only women allowed in the Centre. Not only do they have heated pools, there are also a jacuzzi and 2 saunas! Well, I don't swim actually, just splashing around in the pool and of course relaxing in the jacuzzi and frying myself in the sauna! The place was mostly filled with Muslimahs; Middle-Easts, Parkistanis, Malaysians (only 4 of us then - met up with Niza and Wani there). We are allowed to go in the pool in whatever clothing we like.  Joy said once, some ladies even jumped in their abayas and nobody gave a hoot. (fortunately nobody did that while we were there, or I would have taken some pictures...just kidding - no pics allowed!) A far cry from most swimming pools in Malaysia (a Muslim country, mind) where one is not allowed to go in without swim-wear.. (or rarely do we find an establishment that caters the needs of Muslim women like this one which is in a non-Muslim country...sigh..). Anyway, here are a couple of pictures taken (in dry clothes, ok..)

In front of Leisure Centre before going home
From left: Joy, Niza and Wani - PhD students in Melbourne
Thanks Joy, for a wonderful time! Enjoyed myself tremendously!

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