Monday, December 12, 2011

A Day Out

For nearly the whole day today I went for a trip to a couple of interesting places near Melbourne. A friend of Bang Ngah, Norlin, has her mom, an aunt with her two children to take on a tour, so I tagged along. The son's housemate, Irfan drove us around. First stop: Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm. Yess! Strawberry-picking time! $8 entrance fee and you get 500gm of strawberries that you've picked (you must make sure you can close the lid or you'll have to pay for the extra fruit..)

That's me before I stepped on some muck on the far side..yuck!
Yummy... that which couldn't fit in the punnet popped into the mouth!
Next stop: Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Garden. $17.50 entrance fee and all the pictures you can take! The roses were simply amazing... just look at them: 

 Hydrangeas...truly beautiful!

The Lavender Garden. Pinched a tiny head and it smelled..hmm..lavendry... (Norlin said it smelled like toilet.. only because some air fresheners for toilets have lavender scent.. lol!)

Norlin's little cousins having their picture taken..aren't they adorable?
Our next destination was the Cape Schanck Lighthouse. Unfortunately there was a 30 minute wait before the next tour so we skipped it and just took pictures from outside..

Looking out to the blue, blue ocean..fantastic view!
Part of the lighthouse
Before heading 'home', stopped at the beach in Sorrento, watching boats while having some snacks..

Luckily it's summer so the day is long and by the time we reached Malaysia Hall where the others were staying, we still had time to do our zuhr and asr prayers.. A pleasant and enjoyable day indeed! (Wish the hubby is here, though...)

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