Friday, April 21, 2017

Throwback Turkey 2015

A long, long time since my last entry I know. So many things have happened and many places have we visited.. Two years ago the hubby, Adik and I went for a holiday in Istanbul. It was in September 2015. Our first time there. It's the hubby's favourite destination because we went again last year even though as a point of transit on our travels to Spain where we stayed for a couple of days. (That's another entry..😉) Anyway, Here are the photos from our trip...

We transit in Abu Dhabi and then boarded
 AirSerbia which means another transit in
Belgrade Airport before reaching Istanbul

On arrival we located the Metro Station
 where the hubby and Adik figured out how
 to get tickets to our destination in Istanbul.

A little help from an Airline staff..

In the train.. (The box contained Adik's foodstuff
 to take back to Cairo as he would be continuing
 his journey back there after the holiday)

Our hotel room...Fatih's Hotel. 
The steep flight of stairs to our room

Our first breakfast... it has to be Turkish of course!
Our visit to the Ayasofia... it was originally a church but was turned into a mosque during the Ottoman Empire. Later Ataturk turned it into a museum..

Queuing to enter the building..usually very long.

Christian relics

The dungeon

We went on the Bosphorus Cruise..

Sights along the way

Destination on the Asian side - Anadolu Kavagi

Trudging up the hill to a Castle Ruin..

Fruiting Fig trees along the way

View from the top...almost

Castle Ruin

Ordering lunch after going up and down the hill

You can't go to Istanbul without visiting the Topkapi.. a Palace with such opulence that shows the power of the Ottoman Empire in its glorious Era.

Entrance to the Palace

Flowers still blooming in late September..

Taking pictures at the Grounds of the Palace

Istanbul is also famous for its Bazaars..the Spice Bazaar and the Grand Bazaar..

We would not miss the Panorama Museum; all about Sultan Muhamet Fatih, the young prince who conquered Istanbul from the Christians. 3D experience..amazing!

Even though it rained the day we visited the Miniature Turkey site, it was worth the effort we made to slush though grounds..apparently it would take weeks or probably months to visit all the interesting places in Turkey that we had seen in miniature.

Don't miss the Galatar Tower. It involved climbing again though..

Other pics from the trip:

It wasn't the last time we went to Istanbul. After all, it's the hubby's favourite destination. And there are many more places to see in Turkey...