Monday, September 9, 2013

Eidul-fitr 2013: Adelaide

Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah, for this year's Eidul-fitr we managed to gather the whole family together; three sons, a daughter, a daughter-in-law and three grandchildren. It's not easy for us to get together since 2 sons (daughter-in-law and grandchildren, too) are in Australia, one in Egypt and the rest of us in Malaysia. In my previous entry, I had written about our journey from Sydney to Adelaide, reaching our destination about 4 days before Eid. We flew home the third day of Syawal. Here are some pics of our stay in Adelaide:

Here's little Ammar joyfully welcoming us when we arrived at his home.

Here's Adik in front of the restaurant where we had one of our iftar meals

Hubby enjoying the Ughyur-styled menu - wonderfully cooked lamb eaten with flat bread

Yummy...everybody loves lamb except Kak Long, she had the noodles dish instead

This is our last iftar meal for the year 1434 AH..


Yeah..our theme colour for Eid.... and all in the family!

Keeping to tradition: Kak Lang giving away 'ang-pow' (Chinese money to her nephew now that she's earning her own

Here's Bang Long and his growing family

Off to Thorndon Park for our first 'open house'

Open space more like..

Main attraction..

Also satay (the un-skewered kind..)

Ok here are all the children lined up prim and proper

And here they are free-styled..

Three of them crazy kids..

The nephew watching with interest

Trying the jump, too! (under aunty's supervision)

Here's the uncle from Melbourne 'baby sitting'

Tired out after all the eating..

Father and son having a snooze..

Baby Amru and Mak Lang..

Umayr creating something with his Lego pieces while younger brother trying to figure out how to make his brother mad at him

A second 'open house' we went to..

A third one...

And the last one for the day (Umayr seen having a go at the make-you-own cake or something..nice idea)

Here are some pics taken at Adelaide Central Market (a must-go before leaving the city)
This is not in Hong's the souvenir shop we always go to for err..souvenir

Adik and his dad

Bought these to take home...brussel sprouts! Won't find them in Terengganu

And to take home of course..button mushrooms

Not to take home..crocodile kebab anyone?

Custard apples..same family as the soursop, only less sour I supposed

Love these tulips...spring must be in the air..

Time to go home.. Pictures taken at the airport:
Me: Ammar, come take pictures! Ammar: No picture, no picture!

Some cute pictures of Amru:

Mak Lang and Pak Su are going to miss Amru..

Bye bye..see you guys in December, insyaAllah