Monday, January 2, 2012

'Cockling' in Goolwa

I think it's not too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I'm wishing that in 2012 I will lead a healthier and active lifestyle (yes, yes hubby, I'll go for that morning walk with you!) and to update my blog regularly at least once a week (OMG, are those new year resolutions? because I don't do new year resolutions; I do new day resolutions..). 
Well, we're still in Adelaide, literally 'baking' in the heat wave that's hitting this part of Australia these last few days - temperatures soaring past 40 degrees at times. (some roads are melting and it's said to be the hottest in over a hundred years.. and we had to be here right now..sigh..). We're staying indoors most of the times, hugging the air conditioner and showering now and then to keep cool...
Anyway, on the last day of 2011, it was just starting to scorch but we were set to go 'cockling' ie. digging for cockles or pipies as they are referred to over here (cockles are 'kerang' in Malay but they're not actually 'kerang' though they're also called Goolwa cockles which might clear up some of the differences).  We decided to wait until after 'asr which was about 5.30 pm before setting out for the hour journey to Goolwa beach.  Although we slathered ourselves with sun-screen before setting off, Alhamdulillah it started to get a bit cooler by the time we arrived at the beach. The locals don't seem to care much to dig for these delicacies but there was an Asian-looking family digging as well then.. and below are some pics of the quest (and bounty)!

Turn right for Goolwa..
Vineyard part of the way
Also an Alpaca farm..
Bang Long and his family
At Goolwa beach - grand-dad set to dig cockles
Giving grandsons a ride in the bucket to fill up with cockles
Father and son digging excitedly..
..while grandson splashed in the warm sea
Cockles harvested after 'bet two airs..'
The next day - cleaned and ready for the pot.. (daughter-in-law cooked them into 'sambal' and 'masak lemak')
We got home quite late or we'd have gone out to see the firework display celebrating the new year..

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