Thursday, December 24, 2015

Last year's wedding!

Because it has been a lazy year,,,I didn't get to post my second son's wedding! This entry will help us to remember their special day. It was second day of 'Eidul Fitr (29th of July 2014) that we went to Ipoh to officially 'meminang' for Bang Ngah. Here are a couple of pictures of the engagement ceremony ...

Discussion going on the dates of wedding etc...

The 'hantaran', gifts from their side

The solemnization or Nikah ceremony was on the 5th of October 2014 which incidentally was 'Eidul Adha... Pictures:

The handsome young men (Adik on the right..) given the responsibility bearing the gifts for the bride

The Qadhi grilling Bang Ngah before taking the vows..

Accepted! (Whew...what a relief) 

Family pic (Bang Long and family couldn't make it from Adelaide)

The wedding reception on the bride's side in Ipoh was on the same day. Some pics:

The couple with their all-male cousins..

The glowing bride and beaming groom

Wedding guests (my sis' family from Seremban)

The cousins having a great time

About a week later was the day of our reception in Shah Alam. As for our two children's wedding before this, we held the event at a banquet hall but this time it was a evening affair (so I didn't have to stand for a long time greeting guests, thank God!). A few pics:
Cutting the wedding cake

Some of my old school friends who came to the wedding

View of the hall

So now they are 'old married couple' residing in Melbourne. Our daughter-in-law, Abyan (or Kak Ngah as we affectionately call her now) is continuing her studies over there while Bang Ngah makes a living giving private tours for Malaysians tourists in Melbourne. A couple of pics:

I think that's it for 2015 or 2014... God, I've got so many happenings that I need to document in here but haven't done so. Let's hope and pray 2016 will find me more productive!