Monday, December 2, 2013

Mukhayyam Khoriji

It is monsoon season now in Kuala Terengganu or for the most of the East Coast area. It has been raining, quite heavily at times on and off. Fortunately, no alert of flooding yet, alhamdulillah. Luckily the weather was not as wet about 5 weeks ago (24th - 26th October) when I participated in a camping training programme organised by the NGO, IKRAM. It was a 2-nights and one-and-a-half-day affair and this time, as opposed to the Mukhayyam Dakhili (Indoor Camp) I attended last year, it is Mukhayyam Khoriji which is an Outdoor Camp. Yes we had to sleep in tents and do a lot of outdoor activities... I'm not actually an out-doorish kind of person and what with being stricken with OA (osteo-arthiritis...not Old Age, ok), participating in this kind of activity is the last thing on my agenda! But..what can I say, it's part of a training programme and being a senior member..have to set a good example for the juniors...haha 
Last year we attended the indoor camp at Anguilla Resort near Kuala Terengganu but this time we had it at Merantau Inn near Dungun. About 80 participants attended (ladies only) from all over Terengganu...and we had loads of fun..Here are some pics of the event:

About 40 minutes drive from Kuala Terengganu

The camp started early evening and by the time we arrived it was already dark so we had to set up the tents in the dim lighting..

Of course, dinner was pot luck (outside the musolla..)

Listening to the briefings..

..from the Programme Director, the Camp Commandant and her assistant..

Early morning at the camp site

These were members of my group, ready for the morning task..

..which was picking litter left by careless picnic-goers and campers along part of the beach

Sunrise..simply amazing..SubhanAllah!

Before setting on our beach trekking, we had to perform the Dhuha prayer on the beach..

Stopped along the way to have breakfast (sandwich and plain water)

Reached our destination (about an hour of trekking). Having a rest and listening to a tazkirah

A daunting task for everyone; to put up our flag as high as we can using a number of poles to be joined together and strings..

Everybody had to participate: connecting the poles, tying the strings, holding the end of the strings..or just shouting warnings of impending disaster..

There you go..

Oh no...somebody tighten your grip or give a bit of slack!

This is team work everybody!

Well, that's as high as you can go..7 poles...*sigh*

For this task, we need to prepare posters for a Flash Mob activity with the theme 'Saving Syria, Palestine and Egypt'

Here we are..after our presentation on the beach; a group picture with our master-pieces

On the last day; getting ready for a war game between 2 large groups

Graceful, gentle sisters becoming aggressive when provoked (this is one of the mildest image of the game I could show

Scene at one of the meal-times..

A waterway near the the reflections from the still and tranquil water..but beware, as the Malay saying goes: 'Do not assume there's no crocodile in still waters' Because apparently a crocodile did emerge from these waters some time ago...!

Some of us having a picture taken before leaving...

Well, I managed to survive the camping trip...knees aches and all, alhamdulillah... Anyway, this may be the last time I attended a camping trip with the Terengganu sisters as we are leaving Kuala Terengganu soon. The hubby is at the end of his contract with PERMINT..