Thursday, December 1, 2011

'Retirement' starts today!

Yesterday was my last day working at the College. Today is the first day of my 'retirement' and IT FEELS GREAT! Like a heavy load off my shoulder... I've worked there for exactly 2 years minus a day. Like I mentioned before, I love teaching and it will always be in my blood. However, as much as I love being the career woman and the bit of money that comes with it, I need the satisfaction of doing something different everyday. Anyway, it's time to move on to other things... The hubby has been complaining that I don't seem to have much time for travel and so I'm going for a long holiday next week - which will, I hope be my future posts. Yes, I promise to update this blog as often as possible now that I am the lady of leisure..
Below are pics of my ex-students from the College (love and miss ya'll!):

UFS 301 +  a couple of guys at the back from my former classes who crashed in at picture-taking!
UFS 211
UFS 201
UFS 111
UFS 101

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