Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Melbourne City Outings

Now that the hubby's here (he arrived around midnight 26 December), we spent yesterday and today going around Melbourne city on trams and.. legwork. From Sydney Road, it takes about half an hour journey to the city centre on the paid tram. And once there we walked and took the free city circle tram to see the sights. It's pretty easy once you've understood the map (which I fortunately leave that to the hubby.. I just say, "Where are we going now, dear? OK, let's get on the tram. Are we there, yet?"..) Here are some pics of our trips to the city:

The hubby intent on studying the map while waiting for the tram
The modern, shiny, spacious tram - a popular means of transport in Melbourne
Flashy and colourful, too. This is the paid tram - $3.80 for a 2-hour ride or $7 something for a day ride
Now this ancient and somewhat battered looking tram is the (free) City Circle..
Here's a green City Circle..
At certain times and locations you would be packed like sardines..but hey, it's free! I even managed to have a quick power nap in one of these trips..
This is inside a paying tram - very comfortable and spacious..
We went to Harbour Town, one of the places where the City Circle took us.
It's like a big shopping complex where at this time of the year, it's End of Year Clearance Sale!
Shoe sale..the daughter would go totally wild in here!
Now, these would drive her crazy.. because..'s her favourite brand! Cotton-On!
Harbour town
Melbourne City - it's amazing how they don't have traffic jam like in KL. Must be the trams..
I don't know why I post this picture, must be the hideously green, cloudy thingy on top of the building..
Hubby in front of Flinders St. Station
In the Conservatory at Fitzroy Garden - lovely flowers
In front of Captain Cook's Cottage, Fitzroy Garden
Melbourne Central
Me trying out the state-of-the-art directory in Melbourne Central
At last, found the place to eat - with a Malaysian touch (this outlet sells only halal food and no alcohol)
Ordered 'Catch of the day' (free meal because the son works here as manager. Well..he's paying anyway haha)
Now, tomorrow, we're going on a long trip - driving the 10 hours or so to Adelaide to see our eldest son and his family. We hope to have a safe journey, InsyAllah..

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