Thursday, July 12, 2012

Corelle Craze!

When I was a young housewife about 20+ years ago I coveted for a Corelle set.. but we couldn't afford one... and since I'm not very particular about crockery brands that I use and also because there were a lot of other things that were more important to purchase, an 'expensive' dinner set would just have to wait.  But whenever we went to visit friends or relatives and were being served on Corelle, there was this tinge of envy and a longing to own one... Well when we visited our sons in Australia in 2010 the daughter-in-law gave me a set ( I chose Shadow Iris) and then another (she chose Mandarin Flower) when they came home the next year for Eid .. I was ecstatic of course but hubby began to get interested and considered starting a business when he found out the price differences between Corelle sold in Australia and Malaysia. And also how some of the people he works with (especially the ladies) collect these pieces and wouldn't mind paying up-to RM500 for a set which we would normally sell for RM380! So, when we went to Australia end of last year we started buying sets to ship back home. They sold like hot cakes and demand rose. We ordered more sets and still people want more... Alhamdulillah, the hubby has a business to keep him happy apart from his regular job (the prophet Muhammad encourages the Muslims to engage in business however small..).  He has created a Facebook account called 'Corelle Craze' (ehem...I'm responsible for that name; there's a blog in my bloglist that he hasn't been updating because Facebook is better for interacting with customers) and we pray to Allah that the business will thrive and we can start planning another umrah or holiday trip

Shipment has arrived!
Alhamdulillah these boxes survived a couple of weeks at sea..
Cluttering my living-room..
Corelle Christmas sale in Melbourne...
Corelle Heaven!
Corning-ware is difficult to get much profit because the prices are almost the same in both countries
In Adelaide we bought them at Big W..the cashier here asked whether we're starting a restaurant!
This is in Parkson, Kota Bharu..we went to compare prices..
They're more expensive, true but the patterns are much prettier...humph!
 My Shadow Iris...
... and my Mandarin Flower
For those of you out there not familiar with the Corelle brand (which planet do you live?)...its plus point (taken from a Corelle website):
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher and oven safe
  • Lightweight, yet durable
  • Break, chip, craze spot and fade-resistant under normal use
  • Affordable, yet attractive.
*sigh* I love Corelle!

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