Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Overland

Our flight back home on the 11th is from Melbourne so we have to leave Adelaide for Melbourne and this time we decided to take a train. The train that goes to Melbourne (runs only on Mondays and Wednesdays) is the Overland. The journey is supposed to take about eleven hours but ours took longer... It set off on time, at 7.40 am; we nearly missed it though because well, firstly we took about 20 minutes looking for the car keys, and then Banglong drove us to the wrong station! We just assumed that the train will take off from the station in the city and since Banglong has never sent anyone on the Overland before, he confidently drove us there and left for work.. We asked about the train and the gentleman at the Information directed us to another station which is about 5 minutes away. We then rushed outside, grabbed a taxi and after, I don't know, it seemed like eternity, we arrived at the correct station in Keswick (cost us  'bet $10). 
The platform where we were directed to was almost empty except for those seeing other people off and the door to our coach was already locked.. and unlocked for us while the person who unlocked it for us muttered, "This is why we required passengers to be here an hour before departure..bla bla!" Alhamdulillah, we made it on time and a couple of minutes to spare as there seemed to be other passengers who didn't make it on time. 
Anyway, we made ourselves comfortable; the seat was cushy enough with ample leg-room. There was also a 'coach attendant' (like the flight attendant..) who welcomed the passengers and told us where the restroom, cafe and emergency exits are and so on. Then the 'train manager' (not the train driver, I might add) was over the intercom welcoming us again and giving us some information on the stops and reminding us to hit the red button after entering the restroom or we might be caught with our pants down..(she's quite hilarious). She was also very apologetic when the train was delayed due to some track-work being done and kept blaming the people responsible for the track-work not done on time.. Anyway, the eventual 12-hour journey was quite uneventful (except for the delays) and rather pleasant, enjoying the scenery, reading and napping on and off. We reached Melbourne around 7.45 pm.. 
Below are pics from the journey:

Saying good-bye - Umayr upset because he wants to go on the plane (he knows Jed and Jedda are going back to Malaysia on a plane)

The correct station..
The train-attendant (not as cute as the flight attendant though..)
 Some interesting sights along the way, sorry not professional photography - taken through the train window..

Hubby reading...
Thumb-sucking girl.. Travelling with grandma pictured in the background above
Australia is pretty flat..
Olive plants?
Here comes the food trolley. Bought the coffee..well tastes quite good actually (someone commented in the Overland website that the coffee was the best he ever tasted)
One of the stations along the way
Horsham...reminds me of the other one in UK
Reminds me of Turkey
Me, enjoying scenery
The clouds looks good in the picture
This one too
Neat, clean street in Geelong
Lovely home
The reason for our delays..(no wonder, don't seem to be doing any work, mate)
A glimpse of the ocean
Melbourne skyline..
Amazing graffiti?
There's Harbor town - arrived in Melbourne at last
Everyone ready to leave train
Thumb-sucking girl happily greets mom..
The Overland - thanks for the pleasant journey!
Hubby with our luggage
Not Flinders Street Station OK!
So,, tomorrow we will be on our flight home to Malaysia, insyAllah!

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