Monday, January 9, 2012


Yesterday we went crabbing. Set out quite early in the morning as we have to be there at high tide. It didn't take very long to get to Semaphore Jetty but we stopped for a few minutes at the Sunday Market (Jack Cross) to buy bait. It was rather cold on the jetty and pretty windy but the thought of having crabs for dinner urged us on.. We caught quite a lot; about 10 or so but we had to throw back save 3 because of the size (sigh...). Here are some pics of the day we went crabbing:

Set to go with bucket and 'cage'
Grandad made sure little Ammar is belted up properly for the drive
Stopped by Jack Cross for bait
Arrived at Semaphore
The walk to the end of the jetty
Holding on to our tudungs...pretty windy!
Clean white beach
Ammar enjoying the windy walk..
Welcoming sign
Make sure your catch is the right size..
Preparing the 'cage'
Father and sons moment..
..while mom is busy putting 'blacan' on the bait which is 'ikan kembung' (or Jack mackerel as they're call here) The 'blacan' is supposed to make the bait more attractive to the crabs but we found out they aren't that fussy..
Throwing the 'cage' with the bait into the sea
Some interesting throwing styles..
Another one.. don't jump into the sea, dear!
Caught one!
Umayr helping grandad with the catch
Wow, that's a big one MasyAllah!
Struggling to get away..
Caught 2 already!
This one's too small so back into the sea you go!
Even though there's no catch, the bait is half gone. We went through $6 worth of bait (about 10 or so mackerel). Hmm..looks like we were actually feeding the crabs, lol
This old guy is a professional.. (he even has a plastic apron on)
Showing off his catch. Told me he has a large family (of 15) waiting for him to bring crabs for dinner. And he actually caught 15 crabs..lucky man
Highlight of the morning..we spotted a seal
Probably ate our bait..
Started to rain..hurried back home!
Yummy..'masak lemak ketam dengan nenas' (crab cooked with coconut milk, chillies, turmeric and pineapple). The 3 crabs brought home were more than enough for our meal, Alhamdulillah!

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