Thursday, January 12, 2012

52 Today and Back Home!

The first person who (pre-)wished me happy birthday was the lady at the check-in counter at Melbourne airport yesterday.  Yes, I’m 52 today and back in Malaysia, home sweet home. Our flight yesterday was at 10.35 am (Melbourne time) and we were there by 8.30.  The counters were already crowded with Air Asia passengers to KL queuing to check-in.  We were actually loaded with stuff and I had a sneaky feeling that we might be over the limit for baggage. And I was right….We were asked to repack our luggage (how embarrassing) and to make sure we weren’t over the limited weight. Actually the hubby had underestimated the strictness of these budget airlines on weight limits especially for flights from Australia (compared to from Malaysia). They even weigh handbags for God sake! (seriously) Anyway, we ended up leaving 2 boxes of Corelle at the baggage storage for Hamzah to pick up later on. What with all the re-packing and rushing to the baggage storage (downstairs at Arrival) and then to screen hand luggage and after that immigration.. we were definitely out of breath by the time we boarded the aircraft! The plane actually took off 5 minutes after we sat down… (though there were a few people later than us I might add) Whew, 2 days ago we nearly missed the train and now the plane. All these rushing about is certainly not good for my poor heart, and I’m 52 already – a senior citizen (OMG are they going to let me go on the public transport  at ½ price now…not if I keep missing them). Anyway we arrived safe and sound at LCCT around 4 pm and the daughter picked us up. This morning I was up and about by 5 and even though it's nearly midnight, I'm still wide awake (God isn't it about 3 am in Melbourne! I should be sound asleep by now). Some pics of interest:

Crowded airport
We were early ok
Everybody has boarded!
Not our plane
Dear Mr. Fernandez, would your flight attendants please wear longer skirts or better still, pants? Other than that, no complaints at all..
Alhamdulillah, sweet home!
Waiting for daughter to pick us (hot, hot, hot)
Daughter arrived just before I melt in the heat..Thank God
Loading the car with our bags...lucky everything fits in

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