Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Entry for 2012

Today is the last day for 2012...and it's been raining non-stop from this morning. We got back from Klang at about 1 am this morning after spending about a week away from home. While we were away, some parts of Terengganu was flooded (Alhamdulillah our home is on higher ground). It had stopped raining a couple of days apparently but a second 'wave' has started and well, it's still pouring... Anyway, the hubby was away in Melbourne for a Corelle Shopping Spree while I stayed in Meru having an alone-time... He was taking advantage of the Boxing Day Sale at this time of the year. In Melbourne, he stayed with our second son and the first son coincidentally arrived from Adelaide around the same date bringing along his family so the hubby got to see our grandsons, too.. (and I just got to see the pictures only...*sigh*). They came in a motor-home so the hubby had no problems with transportation for the boxes and boxes of Corelle that he bought! He had a grand time in Melbourne indeed...(went fishing, too it seemed). And me...what I did in the meantime in Meru was cleaning up the place (and going on a shopping spree of my own!) Yup, too busy dusting and scrubbing...that not a single picture was taken! Okay, not to worry, I have other pictures to share... here goes:

Taken on our way back to Klang: rain all the way from KT but dried up once
we reached the Kuantan-KL highway

Raining all day today...

Flooding of a friend's home...
A school in Kuala Berang.. those kids will be having extended holidays!

Google image: Flooding in Kuala Terengganu...

Next, pictures from the the hubby's camera taken on his holiday in Melbourne:
Umayr showing he wanted 3 of something or rather... (he can be very insistence
if you take him shopping!)
Ammar looking pretty grown up with his hand in his pocket!

And little Amru oblivious to the frenzied shopping probably going around him..

Corelle Sale!

The motor-home parked beside Bang Ngah's 'cabin-house' which is not much

Here's a picture of what hubby bought for me from Melbourne:
Summer fruits - nectarines, peach, apricot and cherries... yum!

But this one I like very much..thank you so much my hubby ya habibi..!
Daughter green with envy...but hey, her daddy bought her THREE pairs of
Cotton On shoes!'s wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Resolutions? Always think positive, act positive and be positive... (Law of Attraction okay?)

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