Saturday, December 8, 2012

Graduation Day for Kak lang!

Our only daughter, Kak Lang, graduated with a bachelor's degree in Actuarial Science last week (1st December 2012). If you are asking yourself: What Science? Please refer to this entry... So, this is her second graduation day that we attended (we attended convocation only once for both her elder brothers: Bang Long just for his Diploma Degree and Bang Ngah just for his Bachelor Degree..) Alhamdulillah..she got the Vice Chancellor Award (thus the sash) for consistently getting CGPA above 3.75 every semester. Her father took this picture in the Hall where the ceremony took place (you're not allowed to take pictures actually...but we didn't use flash and we didn't leave our seats okey!).

Taken in the hall...we were in the balcony

Proud father and daughter


So many people..each graduand having whole family including extended,
attending (poor Kak Lang..she has only us...all siblings living overseas..)

After-graduation celebratory dinner.... at Subang Jaya's Serai


My choice - the salad

Hubby's choice - Middle- Eastern..

Daughter's choice - the dessert..Pavlova!
As you can see I've got pictures..yeay! Alhamdulillah! I managed it at last with a little help from a techy young man (thank you Sufian!) But I'm still at the learning's quite a struggle to organize this entry.. See..the pictures wouldn't center (and I can't arrange them neatly..arrgh!) and the captions are not aligning somewhat...but I'll get the hang of it sha Allah!

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