Monday, December 10, 2012

Belated 30th Anniversary Dinner

We usually go out to some fancy place for a dinner date on our wedding anniversary; can't remember exactly, since when we started doing it. But I do remember leaving the kids at my sis-in-law's in Shah Alam with KFC food and going out for dinner... Anyway the 11th of last month was our 30th anniversary (whew.. can't believe we're such an old married couple already!) but unfortunately we weren't together to celebrate it - I was still in Adelaide at the time. And when I came back about 3 weeks ago; what with this and that...we didn't seem to have the time to go out. However last Thursday (6th December) we decided to make it a date at Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa at Pulau Duyong, Kuala Terengganu. We've been there last Ramadhan for iftar on the invitation of hubby's friend at work. We chose the Thursday because we usually fast on that day so we'll be starving then and would be able to enjoy our! (as we don't usually dine heavily...) The 3 pictures below were taken from the Resort's website...nice huh? 

That is so peaceful...

This is where we had our dinner

We..well, I, prefer dining inside where it's

Here are pictures that I took:
Patiently waiting for the food..(the poor dear looks so tired..)

Very nice.. a smoked salmon dish

This is 'Healthy Warm Salad'..healthy maybe but too sour..
and yes, warm...(not recommended..)

Mushroom soup. They actually served the food in the order
that I posted the pictures! Luckily we're not fussy! We had to
skip the dessert though..

While we were there, there was a filming going on...a food programme on TV1 (hmm...sorry, we don't usually watch that channel...) I can't seem to remember the gentleman's name who's hosting the show but he used to act in some comedy series on TV and films too, I think.

Anyways, thank you hubby...for a lovely evening and for putting up with me all these years! May our marriage be blessed by Allah and our love and respect for each other grow stronger each day, insha Allah..

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