Monday, December 24, 2012

PERMINT Family Day

It has been raining and raining these past few days... (I do believe the Monsoon season is here at last!) But... life must go on, Monsoon season notwithstanding. So, yesterday we attended PERMINT Family Day (as usual; just the two of us - the family...), a supposedly an out-doorish programme held at the Telaga Batin Scout Camp. Of course the organisers were ready with plan B in the event of a downpour so... eventually all activities were carried out in the 'open hall' (read: dewan terbuka). There must be about a thousand participants including children and babies... and every one of us were given a red t-shirt and a cap... Here are some pics:
Raining cats and dogs...
Filling in the card for the lucky draw...
First activity: aerobic exercise everyone!

Next activity: breakfast - adding back the calories lost in 1st activity...

Of course, speeches...

The Lucky Draw...yeay

One lucky lady won the Bonanza prize: a motorcycle

Time for games: coconut bowling!

Ladies' teams. Have you any idea how difficult it is to bowl with a coconut?
(I didn't hit a single

This is what we won at the Lucky Draw...another camera...*sigh*

We didn't stay long because we had to attend a wedding in the afternoon. The activity for the afternoon was for the kids, anyway...fortunately we didn't bring any! There is also an Annual Dinner coming up for PERMINT staff on the 25th of December but we wouldn't be attending as I will be spending the week in Meru (we are driving home tomorrow in fact) while the hubby goes on a little business trip to Melbourne (to buy more Corelle, what else?)

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