Sunday, September 30, 2012

Third Grandchild!

Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah that a third son was born to our daughter-in-law today, the last day of September (due tomorrow actually). I am supposed to go to Adelaide to look after things while the daughter-in-law is in confinement so now I'll be 3 days late. Right now I'm in Meru, arriving from Kuala Terengganu late yesterday afternoon. I'll be flying to Melbourne on the 2nd of October and catching another flight to Adelaide the next day... to say hello and assalamualaikum to our new grandchild! I'll be staying there for about 42 days (will miss the hubby but he and Kak Lang will be joining us for Eidul-adha in about 3 weeks time, insyAllah). It's fortunate that Adik's flight back to Cairo is just 2 days after mine so he'll be seeing me off at the airport instead of the other way round. I still have time to cook beef rendang for him to take back to Cairo tomorrow, insyAllah! God, I've lots of packing to do.. Anyway, here are some pics from Bang Long's and a friend's FB:

Clearly upset at having been thrust into the world a day early..
Calm and serene with mommy
Little Ammar is big brother now..
 So, congratulations Bang Long and Kak Long for the new addition to the family! Will be seeing you guys in 3 days time, insyAllah..

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