Sunday, September 2, 2012

Moving House (again)

We'd been staying in our house in Kuala Ibai for about 2 years and then we had to move again.. Well, before Ramadhan our landlady kindly informed us that she needed to move in back into her house due to some circumstances. She gave us notice so we could start looking for new accommodations. I was quite devastated at first because firstly, we have only about a year or so before leaving Kuala Terengganu (and obviously don't welcome the hassle of moving houses..) and secondly, houses for rent are so difficult to find in KT, especially furnished ones... But, we had to move out; only it being less stressful because the landlady gave us all the time we needed to look for a new place. Well, during Ramadhan the issue became a priority in my prayers, that was for sure! Anyway, I mentioned our dilemma in one of my happy circle meetings and one member promptly said that the house next to hers was empty and needed a tenant and it's furnished (and quite affordable too)! Also it belongs to somebody we know; well, we happen to know her parents very well (they arranged our marriage when we were in the UK many years ago!). And so alhamdulillah (thank you Allah for answering our prayers..) we got the house; moved in last week before we came back to Meru. In fact the house is still in a pretty messy state when we left it 3 days ago.. The place was empty for about 2 months and the first time I stepped into the house a rat streaked in front of me before being chased out by the hubby and Adik! (Kak Lang and I were on the stairs in 2 seconds; God, yes it's a 2-storey house...with rats...aargh!) Tonight we're driving back to Kuala Terengganu - back to cleaning and scrubbing and tidying...*sigh*

Good bye sweet-old-home..
Good bye lovely-river-in-front-of-old-house..
Hello new home!
Well...hello mango-tree-in-backyard-at-new-house!


  1. So, how was the packing and moving of all your things? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t easy, especially if you had a lot of household items to move. When we moved into our new house just last year, I preferred to store the items that were not so important in a self storage unit. It made the move much easier because there was less clutter inside the house.

    -Ericka Muldowney

    1. Thanks for your comment.. Because we were moving into a furnished house, we weren't very overwhelmed with furniture and heavy stuff so I was able to sort things out eventually. Self-storage units aren't very common in my country unfortunately but it seems to be quite a useful facility I presume? Anyway I do still have stuff I don't usually use still sitting in their boxes in the store-room..