Wednesday, October 10, 2012

After a week in Adelaide..

It's freezing here in Adelaide.. today it's extra cold - 10 degrees Celsius at the moment. Right now I'm wishing for Malaysia's hot and humid weather (where I'll be wishing for a cooler weather - human beings are weak creatures who are not satisfied with what they are given..Astaghfirullah!) Anyway, here I am.. already a week here in Adelaide. Arrived from Melbourne last Wednesday. I was in Melbourne for about a day; reaching Melbourne before midnight on Tuesday 2nd of October and then catching another flight to Adelaide early Wednesday evening.. It was good to see the grandchildren again - Umayr is much friendlier now (doesn't mind being hugged and kissed - used to emphatically say 'no!' if you get anywhere near him) but little Ammar is being wary of strangers.. And what about the new brother? Amru is such a sweet little baby.. sleeps most of the time and not fussy at all!

And here he is..sleeping peacefully
Here is Umayr having fun on his trampoline
And Ammar upset because his brother has taken away the chair that he used to climb up the trampoline..
Mowing the overgrown backyard now that it's spring..
Orange tree at backyard
Sweet and juicy
Peaches - growing..
Apricots - still green..
On Sunday we left Kak Long and the baby and went to 'Jack Cross' Sunday Market. Time to stock up on fresh food - usually cheaper here. It's just like the night market (Pasar Malam) in Malaysia only it's during daytime..

Bang Long with the Kailan we bought (3 bunches for $2)
Frozen ikan kembung or mackerel they call it here
Umayr posing for the camera
Well..what do you know...they sell scarves for Muslimahs too!
Ammar scowling for the
Tuesday was Umayr's school day. He goes to Kindy school twice a week.. (Tuesdays and Thursdays - I think all they learn there is mostly social skills..). Umayr wanted to bring his baby brother for show 'n tell but his mom said no.. so he just had to be satisfied with the truck he got at 'Jack Cross'!

Ammar sending brother off, too. Umayr with a hat on to play outdoors in the hot sun (what hot sun??)
Islamic Kindergarten
Hanging his bag..
With one of the teachers (and the truck for show n' tell)
In one of the classes
Kindy School part of the Islamic College..
Students arriving at school..
Here's Ammar looking cute and confident in the chilly weather..
And here he is keeping warm, and watching his favourite movie on the ipad
 A few pics from Melbourne:

A yellow sea of Canola flowers
The 'halal' KFC at Weribee shopping centre where I went shopping with friends
The 4 lovely kids (Yahya, Raudhah, Taufiq and Afiq) belonging to the friend whom I stayed with in Melbourne. Thanks guys!
It's sleeting outside and I'm very eager to zip up into my sleeping bag right now. I hope the weather will get warmer soon..I still have 5 more weeks to go... help!


  1. The kids looked like having fun jumping up and down on one of the best trampolines Melbourne. Very adorable!

    1. Yes they do love jumping on it - on warm sunny days they would spent hours out in the backyard. But yesterday and today have been really cold and raining this morning, too..brrr!

    2. They are healthy cute kids! Have you tried jumping on trampolines too? I tried it and I had so much fun. Thanks for responding ummukhalid.:)

    3. Thanks, yes they sure are! I wanted to jump too but my son said it wouldn't stand my weight! haha... and I think my poor old knees wouldn't take too kindly to the stress! But it sure looks fun seeing the kids on it..