Monday, September 24, 2012

A Trip to Pulau Kapas

We've been living in Kuala Terengganu for over 3 years now and last Saturday was the first time we went to one of the few islands Terengganu is famous for! Tourist come here mainly to enjoy the beautiful beaches especially those surrounding the islands. Well after being pestered by the kids to make the trip, we decided to go to the nearest one which is Pulau Kapas (literally: 'Cotton Island'). We actually started out quite late during the day; nearly noon. The jetty where we took the boat to the island is at Marang which is about 20 minutes from our home. The journey by boat (or ferry as some people call it) was only 10 minutes and we were one of the two families on board (the other was a foreign couple with a baby). Below are pics from the trip:
Adik and Kak Lang (and family from Germany in background)
The captain! (or guy who manned the
Brother and sister posing for the camera
Smiley baby
Ready with life jackets.. Alhamdulillah nobody fell into the water.. (didn't bother with them on way back though!)
Approaching the island
It was a blazingly hot afternoon...yet peaceful
Our lunch and tea
I prefer the shade - spent time reading and napping..
Hubby napping too
Not for these youngsters..time to snorkel
Playing with the fishes
The water was crystal clear..
I didn't capture this or 2 of the above pics.. the hubby did. (I wasn't about to leave the shade and be sun-burnt or get my feet wet..oh no no no!)
Hey, the kids caught a 'Nemo'!
After a few minutes in captivity (in the sandwich container) he was let go (back to his parents...bye bye Nemo!)
Late afternoon..Wow what a view..subhanAllah!
Time to go home (not our boat though)
I did get my feet wet after all because the boat couldn't get near enough to the beach.. *sigh*
I truly appreciate the beauty of the island, the sea and the beaches (MasyAllah..) and understood why tourists flock here. But on the down side, the sights of bikini-clad women traipsing around are just not encouraging to one's iman...(Astaghfirullah..!)

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