Friday, November 16, 2012

Maal Hijrah and Free Palestine!

Happy New Year everyone! A day late..but never mind; as it was yesterday, 15th of November is the start of the New year of the Islamic calender of 1434. Yesterday was also my first day home in Kuala Terengganu after spending about 6 weeks in Adelaide with my eldest son and his family. I'm missing the grand children already...
On clicking on my Ipad as I got home and checking my Facebook statuses, I was soon deluged in stories and news of the attack on Palestine by the Israelis.. I remember the last Gaza war, it was in 2008 and hubby and I were in Tehran; glued to the satellite TV for news and devastated at the many casualties of the war especially on the Palestinian side.  Now after 4 years, the Israelis are at it again... God, when are they going to stop terrorizing the Palestinians and remove their occupation of the Muslim Land! The death toll at the moment is 19 including 5 children!...may Allah grant them matyrdom.. What can we do to help? I can think of 3 things at the very least that we can do... 1) Donate money to the various organizations which are helping the Palestinians in various ways (for example Aqsa Syarif which banner I've pasted there at the top right hand corner of this blog) 2) Do wage a war on McDonalds and Coca-Cola; to name a few organizations which are connected to the Zionist movement and supporting it. Boycott them! 3) Make constant prayers and dua for our brothers and sisters in Palestine...:
 "Oh Allah, destroy the disbelievers. Put in them fear for our enemies, Your enemies and enemies of Your Deen. Oh Allah, raise the honour of Islam and the Muslimeen. Strengthen the bond of love in the hearts of them and mend the kinhood between them. Also, give them Your help in fighting your enemies and the enemies of the Muslims."
A video clip of a dua or prayers for Palestine:

And a nasheed dedicated to the Palestinian Cause by Maher Zain:

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