Monday, June 1, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I haven't been writing these past few weeks - caught the lazy bug! No.., I was actually a little bit busy with housekeeping; tidying up the old house which has been accumulating junk over the years. The primary school which my children used to go when they were young holds a jumble sale about twice a year for school report day and it is a good opportunity to get rid of stuff and donate to the school as well. So, I have been quite ruthless and got rid of most of the childrens' clothings which I suppose they wouldn't need now that they are not living here anymore.. Except for the daughter who accumulates clothes and shoes and insists she needs all of them even if every inch of her wardrobe and drawers are filled to bursting point! Anyway, the attic certainly looks much tidier and spacious now.. with a little help from the hubby of course.
By the way, thank you Nur Diyanah for the suggestion on yogurt making. I'm sure the hubby will find the tip useful indeed!
I'm posting some lovely pictures of my cute and adorable grandson (any grandmother will say that about her grandchild..). Here they are:

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  1. hmmmm..every baby/toddler is adorable....but yes he is so cute!