Saturday, June 27, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

I got a phone call from my daughter a few days back; she is on vacation in Adelaide, visiting her brother. She was describing to me her nephew's antics (the cute and adorable grandson featured a few posts back), always on the go, cannot sit still, overall making everyone constantly on their feet going after him! Well, it reminds me of HIS father when he was around that age. We were in Cardiff, UK, then. One day, a friend, Hanim who just came from Malaysia came for a visit with her 5-year-old daughter (I think she was around that age, then). My son, Umar was, as usual running around, climbing on the furniture, grabbing the tea-set and doing all sorts of thing a toddler would do. And as the little girl was eyeing him with interest, I was going: "Umar, stop it! Umar, stop it!". Later on, Hanim told me that when they got home, she was telling her husband about the visit and saying that our baby son's name was Umar Faruq. But her daughter interrupted: "No ummi, you got it wrong, the baby's name is not Umar Faruq, it's Umar Stoppit!". Whenever I meet Hanim, we always have a good laugh over it! Here are two scanned pictures of Umar Faruq from the good old days..

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