Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yummy Yogurt

My husband is as pleased as the cat that's got the cream.. or in this case, yogurt! He has been complaining since coming back to Malaysia that the price of his favourite food; the humble plain yogurt is atrocious compared to in Iran. So he has been surfing the internet for make-your-own yogurt recipes. He got one which requires heating 8 parts milk until just before boiling and then letting the milk cool until about 100 degrees F. Add 1 part yogurt (starter) and then keep warm for 10 hours (he wraps the pan with layers of tea towels and placing it in a prewarmed oven). His first two tries were well.. not exactly disasters but watery and not as sour as it should be. I thought he was going to give up but.. anyway, on his third effort; he forgot about the cooling milk and thus it was left longer than the previous experiment (that's how I got most of my pans burnt when he starts warming leftover food..). He added the starter anyway and surprise, surprise the yogurt turned out firm and tasted, well.. like yogurt! It turned out that he got the temperature of the cooled milk wrong - instead of 100 degrees F; he added the starter at 100 degrees C! So now, we have endless supply of yogurt to our hearts' desire.. And that's why my darling husband is as pleased as the cat's that got the erm.. yogurt!

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  1. Thank you for joining my blog. On the point of yougurt, You can also just add fresh milk or powdered milk to a yogurt culture or yougurt bought from the 'mamak' shop (indian muslim) will form nicely...just have to add on the milk to any left over yogurt and it will form overnight at room temperature.