Monday, June 8, 2009


It's school break time.. and that means wedding invitations! Last weekend, we attended two weddings. On Saturday it was the wedding ceremony of my good friend Ainon's son Ahmad Zubair. The couple looked lovely in blue... It was also a delightful surprise to meet our daughter-in-law's parents there as well! They came down from Sungai Petani to visit their eldest daughter for the school holidays. We stayed for sometime catching up on the latest news...
The next day, we attended another wedding. The father of the bride is a cook and he cooked for our son's wedding three years ago. And naturally the menu was quite extensive... although they were mostly Javanese-oriented. Anyway, here are two pictures from Ahmad Zubair's wedding and one from the other one (I wanted to take more from the second wedding but my phone camera suddenly refused to cooperate after the first pic - darn!)

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