Saturday, July 11, 2009


Not to worry, it was a self-imposed one... The daughter returned from Melbourne after nearly two months in Adelaide and a few days in Melbourne visiting her brothers there. A day before her flight home, to our horror, she caught a fever and what with the frequency of people returning from Melbourne, particularly, contacting the deadly Swine Flu, we were sick with worry! However, she did assure us over the phone that it was nothing serious, but the day before her arrival, we were already busy buying foodstuffs to last us for a week in case we were quarantined... Waiting for her at the airport, I envisioned her being escorted out through the arrival lounge with masked nurses but there she was, smiling away as she went through the arrival door (without even a mask!):

Apparently she got through the body heat scanner... However, as she was still having a cold and sneezing now and then, we thought we'll just stay indoors for a couple of days until she's well enough. It's not difficult for me to stay indoors... but for the other two; the daughter wanted desperately to go and register for her new semester and also meet her friends whom she hasn't seen for 2 months (as if they haven't YMed through the holidays..), the hubby had to go out and buy durians because his daughter was craving for one... Anyway, she is just fine now (Praise be to Allah), and let's hope and pray that we are all spared from this terrible disease...

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