Saturday, October 13, 2012


Today we were invited to a birthday party (Umayr pronounced it as 'parday'...soo of the son of one of the post-graduate students. So, we left Kak Long and baby (and Ammar because he was acting grumpy) to attend the party. When we arrived (we were quite late) they were already treasure hunting. There were quite a number of people that I knew from when I came before this so I was able to mingle. Lots of food, balloons and children.. It was a thematic party - ninjas! (if I knew I would wear black, cover my face and brought a sword...okey, okey it's a children's party not grandmas'). The birthday boy was Rayyan (at first I thought it was 'Ryan'). A lovely name which is the name of one of the doors to paradise for people who fast.. Here are some pics of the erm...'parday':

Lots of food for everyone
Fun time for the parents: dads dressing  moms like ninjas - with newspaper..
Time for a pinata..
The birthday cake - edible leggo blocks as decorations
Okey..that's the birthday boy (in ninja gear), waiting patiently for the singing to stop so he could cut the cake..
Giving out medals for winners (everyone gets one)
A proud medal-getter..
Here's Umayr with a big gun and his Jedda..
Everybody lining up for a picture
The birthday cake already half eaten - yummy
Well, I should say that Rayyan is one happy boy today. Happy birthday Rayyan!

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