Thursday, August 9, 2012

Adik - and Raya Cookies - are back!

My baby is back from Cairo! Adik arrived at KLIA on the 31st of July. The last time he was back was early last year during the turmoil in Egypt. However, we saw him 3 months ago when we visited him in Cairo. This time he will be spending 'Eid with us... insyAllah. His father and I didn't fetch him at the airport; his sister did because she wanted to 'kidnap' him for a couple of days so that he could help her make cookies for 'Eid. The daughter, Kak Lang has been into the Raya cookies business since last Ramadhan and this time she has doubled her orders so she needed help and who would be willing to work for peanuts except her own little brother! (fortunately for Adik she's giving real money..). The timing is perfect for her business as she has just completed her degree programme (and graduating this year...Alhamdulillah). And now both Kak Lang and Adik are in Kuala Terengganu with us (we went back home to Meru to get them last weekend) - still busy baking and packing for orders from the hubby's office-mates. At least I don't have to bake cookies anymore for 'Eid - actually I've already given up the bother and hassle of baking Raya cookies a long time ago and also since many people started selling home-made cookies; all you need to do is order, and then cough up the 'dough' ... so to speak!

Adik packing cookies..
..and more cookies (never mind dear - think of all the peanuts money you're
My 20-year-old Kenwood mixer - still working and hard at work!
Pineapple Jam Tarts - fresh from the oven (the one in our home in Meru is also about 20 years old - still productive, alhamdulillah..)
Chocolate Chip cookies..
The all-time favourite..
Popular with the kids - Honey Cornflake cookies (don't know why people buy these; very easy to make)
Jars of cookies..
Boxed for delivery..
It's already the last ten days of Ramadhan you two... so hurry up and finish the baking and packing and start doubling our effort into seeking The Night of Power - Laylatul-Qadr...

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