Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tarawih at the 'Floating Mosque'

I realize there isn't any entry at all for my Ramadhan last year. I must had been really busy (or just plain pathetic..) not to write a single thing.. Okey dokey, it's the 9th day of Ramadhan today and yeayy Alhamdulillah I'm on my 10th juzuk of the Al-Quran. Hope I'll be able to keep this up.. InsyAllah. Now that I'm just sitting around at home, it would really be shameful if I don't khatam at least once!
Well, like last year and the year before we perform most of our tarawih prayers at the Masjid Terapung (its actual name is Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah) or the 'floating mosque' as it was built in the middle of a man-made lake. They have been engaging an imam from Egypt for a couple of years now for the tarawih prayers and we've sort of got used to his recitations which are simply amazing! (is very fluent - the verses just flow like water out of his mouth) This time around we're praying the whole 23 rakaahs (all these years I always did just the 8 and the witrs done before fajr) and with a weak knee and all I am managing ok Alhamdulillah. Usually the imams would recite 1 juzuk per night but this one recites more than 1.. and so we usually reach home around 11 pm (almost in exhaustion..but I still have energy to check FB before What bothers me somewhat is the oppresive heat at this time of the year (even at night) in spite of the fans running at maximum speed - but I'm being positive about it; I'm having a sauna every night (clearing all those toxins..). Some pics of interest:

The mosque - pic taken just before maghrib (dusk)

Pic taken as we left at about a quarter to 11 pm

The bridge walkway connecting the mosque to the edge of the lake
View from the mosque

Another shot - there's the beach behind the clump of trees..
Food for iftar - some days as simple as this.. sometimes people bring food to share. We have the main meal after maghrib prayers (provided by the mosque)
And 3 days ago someone plonked these on the table..
The ladies' section - there's another area upstairs. too
This is another mosque that I went to last week - Masjid Ladang; near the town area. Cool and spacious (air-conditioned..*sigh*)
And this sign in the mosque made me almost ROFL! They must have used Google translator...haha


  1. Yeah Durian!

    love reading your post, sharing is loving ;)

    1. Salam Suhail, I don't know about other states but yes, durian is in season in Tganu. Of course with Ramadhan and all you can only manage one or two pieces on top of other food available..
      BTW, tak balik Malaysia ke raya ni?