Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Wedding in Sungai Petani

Saturday, 2nd of June was the birthday of His Majesty the Agung (not his real birthday, though; it's just the official date so we can all have a holiday..). It was also a date chosen by many to hold wedding feasts as we were also halfway through the school holidays. So there we were, having travelled a few hundred kilometres through mountains and jungles (still no elephant-sightings...*sigh*), in Sungai Petani, Kedah to attend the wedding of the hubby's nephew - son of hubby's elder brother. We left Kuala Terengganu on Thursday at about 2 pm; attended another wedding of a friend's daughter at Kota Bahru (arriving at 6 pm - still had food to eat, though). Spent the night in a hotel there and continued journey the next day arriving at Sungai Petani around 1:30 pm. The family was busy with preparation for the wedding the next day but unlike a kampong wedding, this one was hiring caterers (at RM6.50 per head? that's erm..b..pretty cheap! In KL if you're not willing to fork out at least RM10 per head, don't even dream of hiring caterers..) We spent the night at the mom-in-law's home in Bukit Mertajam (about half hour's drive from SP) and went back the next day for the actual wedding feast. Here are some pics taken on the wedding day (forgot to charge batteries of camera so pics taken with my Samsung phone)

Morning before arrival of guests - theme colour, yellow
Food - not bad at all for RM6.50 per head
..and lovely veggies, too
Parents of groom ready to greet guests (hubby's brother sitting down - suffering from stroke since 2007)
Daughter and a cousin helping with handing out 'door-gifts'

Arrival of bride and groom
Having their 'stately' lunch
We left SP for Bukit Mertajam (back to mom-in-law's home for our things) at about 4 pm as we needed to start our grueling journey back home to KT before dark (we didn't want to be driving in the jungle after midnight, though traffic was quite heavy on the Grik-Jeli road due to the school holidays) We actually left BM at around 6 pm and arriving home in KT at about 3.30 am on the Sunday. Hubby drove the whole way (didn't trust me with the battered old Pajero - our car was still under repair) I don't really mind the sound it makes but the air-conditioner kept giving up...luckily it decided to do so on the journey back; cooler night-time air and breezier part mountain road... Alhamdulillah for a safe journey!

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