Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Circle BBQ Nite

Last night was barbeque night for our 'Happy Circle'. It was an idea to bring the members together to know each other a little better and strengthen our ukhuwwah. It was a happy event even though 2 members were absent - one has gone for umrah and the other wasn't feeling well enough to come. Alhamdulillah, the food was sufficient and the barbequed chicken was simply marvelous...a member got the recipe from a friend who runs a catering business. Must note it down before I forget it: blended garlic, ginger, galingale and black pepper; oyster sauce, black pepper sauce and of course salt and sugar.

The blended thingies..
Adding the sauces
Marinade at least for 2 hours
Barbeque the chicken pieces (I can assure you, you'll smell like smoke for the rest of the )
Husbands and sons - getting to know each other
My happy circle...
 We must do this again! Next event - an iftar during Ramadhan InsyAllah!

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