Monday, June 25, 2012

Jubilations in Egypt!

I must document this special day in Egypt as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Mohamed Mursi won the election and becomes the President of Egypt post-Mubarak era. The announcement was made last night (it was afternoon Egypt time) so the date was actually 24th of June. Even though I'm not Egyptian but as Muslims we share the people's hope for a new Egypt where life would be better insyAllah for the people over there and hopefully Islam will be the way of life as it should always be...

The Egyptian people celebrating a new era
What is interesting.. not unlike what happened to the prophet Yusuf (Joseph) alaihisalam  who was sent to prison and in the end became the Egyptian ruler at the time, Dr. Mohamed Mursi also spent time in prison (due to political oppression) and came out to be the President of Egypt! And isn't it ironic that in 2006 he was imprisoned by Mubarak and now 6 years later Mubarak himself is imprisoned... life is really like a moving wheel (Malay proverb - kehidupan seperti roda..)

And more inspiring were his words in his first speech as the President were those of Abu Bakr radhiallahuanhu, the first Caliph of Islam...awesome! Allahuakbar!

We pray for you Dr. Mursi that you will uphold the Quran and the Sunnah in ruling your country and may it prosper and be an example to other Muslim countries, insyAllah!

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