Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Wedding in Terengganu

 Last Saturday we were invited to a wedding feast. We were actually invited to be part of the 'entourage' of the groom’s to attend the wedding feast at the bride’s family home. It’s the tradition that after the religious part of the wedding is solemnised (the 'akad nikah); the groom and his family (plus extended family and maybe close friends) descend on the wedding feast at the bride’s home. Well, this particular groom is the son of the contractor of the project that the hubby works at. And he (the father) happens to be the hubby’s uncle’s wife’s sister’s son-in-law (*breathless*...extended family, right?). Well, anyway, there we were, part of the special guests and I must say, quite a large number of us, too. Maybe the host didn’t expect such a large turn up and some of us were feeling rather neglected but hey, we're family now...! (even though we didn’t get goody bags..*sigh*)

The 'green' Groom
The wedding banner and groom's party
King and Queen for the day
Welcoming bouquets
Real flowers, mind.. carpet..
Just look at the elaborate centre-piece (not real flower, though)
And the 'chandelier' above..
We actually thought we were going to be served.. (the Datuk - - and his lovely daughter)
..and after getting hungrier by the minute, we decided to hit the buffet table..
Surprisingly modest menu. (Not surprisingly typical at most Terengganu weddings)
Bride and Groom having their 'stately lunch' with close family members
Not to forget the (outdoor) kitchen folk 

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