Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Kampong Wedding

The 5th of February being the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace and Blessings be upon him), the hubby had a day off work (plus Friday and Saturday) and so off we went back home to Meru. There was also to be a wedding of the daughter of our neighbour and friend. Like the first wedding that they had for their first son, it was to be kampong-style; no caterers, just relatives, friends and kampong folk turning up and helping with the cooking, serving, cleaning up etc. So, there we were chipping in (I was immediately given the task of 'liaising' between the hostess and the kampong ladies and then became the unofficial 'receptionist' - greeting the guests which became almost tearful as I met up with old friends I haven't been seeing a lot since moving to Kuala Terengganu). We were ready to drop at the end of the day but the hubby had to work the next day (people in Selangor had another 2 days off but we, in Terengganu had to start work on Monday..*sigh*..) so by 10 pm that night we started off for Kuala Terengganu.. The hubby drove, of course (I was nursing a headache..) and no amount of coffee would keep us awake on the journey, thus, we slept in the car until subh at the Temerloh R & R.. And Alhamdulillah, we arrived home around 11 am! (a 13-hour journey..) Anyway here are some pics of the wedding:

The outdoor, makeshift kitchen where the men rule..
"All right men, why is this dalcha not done yet? People are hungry out there!"
The kampong ladies having their breakfast before helping with the cooking
Peeling onions..sob sob..
..and the vegetables
Packing the 'berkat' - food to take home for the people who come to help (Javanese tradition)
Making sure the table for the special guests are ready (the Groom's family)
The buffet table
The dishwashers all men dish-washing team..
The servers posing for the camera (an ustazah, a pharmacist and a lecturer)

Mom of the Bride greeting guests
The bridal suite
The 'hantaran' (gifts for the Groom)
After the 'nikah' ceremony (Groom looking rather..scared..unnerved..panic-stricken..petrified?..)
The Bride and Groom
With parents from both sides
As I was taking this shot, Maziah was asking me.."could we have white rice..quick, my hubby wants white rice!" (actually the last part I made up myself..because she looks so panicky..haha)

Congratulations Maziah and Nizam! May Allah grants both of you happiness for the rest of you lives together..

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