Monday, October 11, 2010

Bye bye Baby

Adik went back to Cairo last Friday (sob sob) after exactly 2 months home (well, minus 2 weeks in Australia). His flight was at 3 in the morning on the Friday. The three of us took the night bus from KT and arrived home in Meru just before dawn on Thursday - slept soundly almost all the way.. beats driving; I'd usually arrive a total wreck! Anyway, travelling by bus means having no transport but our good neighbour let us borrow their car. We started off for the airport at about 11 something but the baby wanted to go to 'the city of lights' first so at almost midnight found us at the top of the hill of I-city enjoying the sights and lights..

Trees of lights or lighted trees or.. whatever

More lights - colourful too..
At the airport at last. He was going on Kuwait Airways but those checking in that morning were mostly Malaysian students going to Cairo. So, no worries there.

Dad giving last minute advice; Adik probably going YYSSW (no.. he's a good boy, really!). Sis probably going: I'll be the only child again, heh heh!
Here he is with his 'juniors' who were also on the same flight with him (except for the 2 elderly men of course)

Our last sight of him as he went on to board the plane.. Bye bye Adik, we love you baby!

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