Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It happened to me..

This could happen to you.. Yesterday I took out some money at the atm and found out that my balance was somewhat less than it should be. I checked my transaction history and found out that a 'holiday-package' company had charged RM499 using my debit card. I've had my Maybank atm/debit card for nearly a year and have never used it for any purchase and I've never heard of that company before in my whole life! So, the hubby and I complained to Maybank KT branch and all they could say was to make a police report and gave me a new card. Before that we checked out the company from the internet and got its address and contact number. The hubby called up the company and they admitted that they had made a mistake with the debit card numbers! They agreed to refund my money but are charging RM50 for processing (whatever). RM50? Are you kidding? We made the police report this morning and the company has promised to deposit the whole amount to my account - or else. What we should do is to make a police report against Maybank. I mean how could they just release the amount from my account without some kind of security check? Anybody could just use your debit card number and charge whatever from your account.. So Maybank debit card holders out there, be warned...

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