Monday, September 20, 2010

Eid in Adelaide

This year we decided to celebrate Eid with the whole family together and that means travelling all the way to Australia.. The four of us, the hubby, kaklang, adik and I started our journey on the 8th of September. Here are some pictures of our holiday in Australia:

At the LCC Terminal. Those boxes are filled with Terengganu 'keropok'. Our second son in Melbourne is selling 'fish crackers' (at an exhorbitant price).
Looking apprehensive as we are over the weight limit.. Never mind, our 'keropok' businessman is going to pay up.. (he sells them at exhorbitant price anyway, haha)
Boarding the plane. Good old Now-everyone-can-fly Air Asia!
Arriving in Melbourne at 12 midnight.
Freezing while waiting for Bang Ngah to pick us up.. (staying overnight; flight to Adelaide early the next morning)
Adelaide at last!
Excited and happy to see uncle Khalid and grand-dad!
Umayr with his favourite vehicle. Zooms around pretty fast on the thing..

Adik helping to mow the backyard.
Adik having fun on the trampoline - after posing with the lawn mower! haha
The last fast-breaking for this year's Ramadan..
Eid morning; cute and adorable...
Eid prayers at Al-khalil mosque
The women section (children not allowed)
The sermon - in Arabic! (translated briefly later on)
Kak Lang and Adik posing after prayers.
Attended an 'open house'
Bang Long and his family - in green.
The children - in brown (second day)
The food at our 'open house'
Guests enjoying the food
hmm..yum yum..
Seeing blue - four pretty girls in pigtails..err ponytails (and mom)
Forgotten her 'raya' shoes, so buying a pair of cheap ones at 'Jack Cross' - the flea market (Sunday, 12 Sept)
Always gets his favourite toy...
Having fun with grand-dad. Looks like they are playing charade..
Having picture taken with a cuddly koala - Gorge Wildlife Park
Is that a kangaroo or a wallaby?
Saying hello to a camel: Assalamualaikum ya jamal...!
Help! mommy, save me! I don't like kangarooos..
At the Botanic Garden: unfortunately spring is only just beginning..
Tantrum, tantrum...!
Free tram-ride around Adelaide

At the Central Market
Mangosteens! My God, RM60 per kg!
Durians! Don't even glance at the price!
The 'Mangkok Ayun' - Malaysian Restaurant owned by one of Banglong's friends..
Whee... Adik enjoying a slide at Kilda Park - Playground for children AND adults!
Down on the Flying Fox.. I tried this one - God it was exhilarating!
Attending another 'open house' before our departure for Perth the next day (15 Sept)
Most of the guests were post graduate students and their families
On the 'Blue Cat' - free bus rides around Perth.
Waiting for the train for an excursion to Fremantle
Lucky we didn't get on THAT tram!
Trying to coax a tune out of a didgeridoo..
Wow pay-yourself at the supermarket!
Durians again? They must be growing them in Australia..
Trying one of the pay-them-yourself machine
With our hosts in Perth..
The hubby and I arrived home on the 16 th of Sept. Kaklang and Adik stayed for another week, visiting Bang Ngah in Melbourne the last few days. They have just got back today..

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