Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ramadan - and the baby's back!

It's Ramadan again - and already halfway through. How time flies! We've been in KT for a year already! We still continue with having the iftar at the mosque, only this time around we go to another mosque which is nearer to our 'new home' - 'Masjid Terapung' or the floating mosque:

The first time we prayed there on the 4th of Ramadan; surprise, surprise, the imam was the same one that led the prayers at the mosque we went to last year! It was certainly a pleasant surprise as we really enjoy his recitations.. Anyway, another thing that's making our Ramadan pleasant this year is that the baby has come home for the summer holidays! Adik came back to Malaysia after 2 years in Cairo, arriving on the 2nd of Ramadan. We met him at the airport:

Having his favourite spaghetti bolognese for breaking fast at a Petronas petrol station.

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