Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kuala Terengganu Here We Come!

We have been here for 4 days now. The hubby has accepted the post as Resident Engineer for a PERMINT (I tend to imagine the word 'peppermint' whenever I see the sign) project in the town. As for right now we are staying in a 'homestay' just 5 minutes from the project site. We live in a little room - air-conditioned, attached bathroom (with hot water), wi-fi, a tv set... There's a shared kitchen but no stove or 'fridge or washing machine. I'm not complaining - I don't have to do any cooking or a lot of cleaning! (only have to hand-wash our laundry - sigh..) However, I'm not sure how long we can stand take-aways. Breakfast is quite cheap, though these East Coast people eat a lot of rice even in the morning. They have nasi kerabu, nasi dagang, nasi addition to nasi lemak. Not healthy, not healthy (apart from nasi kerabu..). We'll have to start eating home-cooked meals soon or else someone is going to put on some extra kilos...Well, we might be staying at the 'homestay' for the duration of the hubby's job - it could be for 3 years or erm... 3 months! (sigh...) It seems like a good deal. We don't need to bring a lot of furniture - just a simple cooker and a small 'fridge will do. The rent is RM500 a month; inclusive of everything (electricity, water, internet). And it's so near the town and where the hubby works. Anyway, let's see how things go after a month of homestay-living. I will either love it or hate it! (It's actually quite difficult to get a house for rent over here. I suppose it's more profitable to turn an unoccupied house into a 'homestay' rather than rent it out on a monthly basis). No pictures this time; next post, I hope.

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