Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ramadhan in KT

It is 4 days into Ramadhan now and I have got myself into a routine. This is the first Ramadhan that I don't need to stressed myself out deciding on what to cook for the breaking of fast (yeay..!). The kids are not around anymore (the reason I used to spent a lot of time in the kitchen preparing favourite dishes around the fasting month), so it's about time we get the most out of this holy month. This year the hubby and I decided we'll break fast at the mosque and the one which we have been to, these past few days is the 'Masjid Putih' or the White Mosque (and why it is named so? because it's painted err.. white?) in the town centre. The meal served there is nothing extravagant, in fact it's very simple; rice, a protein dish, vegetables, a 'kuih' and dates. (reminded me of the meal I used to have when I was in boarding school - SMSNS Kuala Pilah). Here's one that we had yesterday:

It's ok by us though we supplement it by buying around RM3 worth of 'desserts' that we have after the tarawih prayers (they're sooo.. much cheaper than Klang!). Well, after the 'iftar' we pray maghrib and then stay in until isyak and tarawih. They have an 'imported' imam to lead the tarawih prayer; from Egypt. He recites one (back-breaking..) juzuk of the Quran per night. I have got used to it by now but shame on me... there are 'makciks' older than me who got through the whole thing and the hubby and I only do 8 raka'ats!

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