Sunday, May 3, 2009

Camping Trip

I just got back from a 'camping' programme. It was at G7 in Perak. We left Klang at about 3.30am on Friday 1st May (Labour day holiday) and arrived home about 9.30pm. We didn't exactly camp, we stayed at Rindu Alam Motel - a dorm-like accomodation, simple, but reasonably clean. I was one of the facsilitators.. the participants had to build rafts, go orienteering, attend workshops, learn self-defense etc. Anyway it was tiring - even for me who didn't have to participate in all the events.. Came back with a sore knee but getting better today. It must be through drinking iced water (or it may have something to do with age..). Have been trying not to drink any iced beverages since coming back from Iran (something easy to do over there with the cold weather). Anyway, have been kicking myself since just now when I remembered I have a blog; for not taking any pictures of the trip (not one!) to paste in here.. aarrgh

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