Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back Home

I'm back in Malaysia now. It's so good to be back. The climate is warmer though - much, much warmer! We arrived on the 18th. I went on Iran Air but the hubby came on Emmirates. I arrived about 6 hours earlier and waited for him (his flight was delayed; so was mine - when it was still in Tehran..) Anyway, when he arrived at about 3.30pm we went home on Qussam's taxi that I called when I arrived in the morning. Well, life is getting pretty busy now that we're home. We attended a daurah last night and met most of our friends. And I'm going to the school tomorrow for an iftar. Plan to bake a cheesecake tomorrow to take there.. And on Sunday, I hope to attend the SMWI at Shah Alam. I still need to go and see Aniz and have a little chat. Anyway, here are some pictures of our travels that I promised:
Adik at the Malaysian Embassy in Cairo
Father and son moment..

Adik and his 'big' friends (two are 'wardens' at the 'hostel')
Street in Cairo (a mix of modern and ancient means of transportation)
Shopping for groceries at supermarket near Adik's 'hostel'
Rumah perlis - where we stayed
Having to cross the tramlines to get to Adik's place from Rumah Perlis
Cairo city
This was taken near the biggest library in the African continent in Alexandria..
With Basyir (my ex-student) who was our guide in Alex
Taken from inside the Citadel in Alex
Taken near the Library
In front of the Citadel
Statue of Alexander The Great near Library
This is one of the entrances into the famous bazaar in Cairo, Khan Khalili
Sights in Cairo..
At Khan Khalili Bazaar

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  1. Ahh...I was at Alexandria too not too long ago and i took numerous photos which are posted on my Facebook account. The balloon ride was awesome.