Friday, April 10, 2009

Trip to Tehran

Yesterday, we went to Tehran. We had to go on a weekday as the shops would be open. So, after the hubby got back from work in the afternoon we rushed to the bus station only to find it already full. Therefore we decided to go on the 'microbus' - the first time for us. The vehicle stopped at 'Harem-e-Motaher' (I hope I got the spelling right) metro station which goes to Mirdamat. That was great but the fare was just about RM5 less than a taxi and it was taking us still further from Tehran (about half an hour ride compared to one hour on the bus). However, the cheap metro ticket fare offset the amount... And part of the journey was overground so we got to see some countryside view... And the train was almost empty when we got on so we got seats.
Anyway we stopped at Shouys and got cuttleries and a teapot. It was starting to drizzle then. Then we got on the metro again and stopped at Saadi and yeah... I got myself a new leather handbag! My feet were starting to kill me then so we headed on home. By the time we got to Sadighieah bus station, it started to rain heavily - there was thunder, too, and cold (thank God I brought along my sweater). Well, we reached home about 9.20, tired out...
So today, I stay home but the hubby has gone to Tehran for his Friday prayers.
I want to post pictures but alas with dial-up internet it just takes ages just to post a picture and after the first posting which I have no idea why it was more successful then my later attempts, I have almost given up! Anyway, never fear, we are going back to Malaysia next week and when I get home (sweet home...), I'm going to post lots of picture cos' we have streamyx down there...! are updated pics:
The metro - underground train
Queuing for tickets (please ignore the terribly misleading date at the bottom..)
Hubby shopping
Hubby enjoying pizza
Farmer's market near home
Walnuts - usually sold whole
More nuts
Gigantic veggies..

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