Monday, October 7, 2013

An Engagement

About two weeks ago (21st September) our (only..) daughter got officially engaged. According to the Malay tradition, the family from the male side has to come to the home of the female side bearing gifts and the ring... Since our house in Meru is not fit for welcoming guests, I asked my brother who lives in Putra Heights to play host. It turned out that he also had to be the spokesperson for our side since they had an uncle to speak for them...We don't actually follow strictly to tradition, so to long as the Islamic code is adhered to. Anyway the ceremony, if you can call it that, went smoothly even though my brother was rather taken aback at first at being pushed into the (thank God there wasn't any poetry-spouting). Some pics of the event:

Arrival of guests in traditional garbs and matching blues..

The guests..spokesperson uncle second from left requesting permission to 'pick our flower'

My brother: 'Yes, you may pick our flower..' 

Asking the hubby to inspect the ring..

Putting on the ring by the future MIL

Our gifts to the other side

This cake was made by our niece Amalina (who came with us to Bandung/Jakarta recently) for the modest feast after the ceremony...and it's really yummy!

So, what's coming next is the aqad nikah (reciting of the marriage vows) and then the wedding feast...all in January next year, InsyaAllah..

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